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LCPA's professional and friendly staff is committed to making member satisfaction our #1 goal. Throughout your career, we want to be your "go-to" resource to help you be the best at what you do.

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For information on the requirements necessary to obtain or renew a CPA license in Louisiana, please contact the State Board of CPAs of Louisiana at 504.566.1244 or visit their website.

Ron Gitz, CPA, CGMA
Executive Director/CEO

As the ED and CEO of the premier association of Louisiana CPAs, I get to go to work each day and represent the best interests of the CPA profession — my colleagues and friends — how awesome is that! When I’m not at the main office, I’m in Baton Rouge at the Capitol talking to legislators, or I’m on the road meeting with my peers and discussing how to tackle the biggest issues facing the profession. I also enjoy working with our Louisiana Society leaders to create and execute a meaningful strategic vision for our association so we stay progressive and viable in this constantly changing world.
EMAIL ME or call 504.464.1040

Lisa Williams, CAE
Chief Financial Officer 

Member Service is my top priority. By managing the Society’s financial activities, our member service support specialists, the in-house facility, and Human Resources, my goal is to provide a pleasant member service oriented environment. I can completely relate to the demands of what’s needed to keep up with forms, deadlines, compliance, and regulations. I’m proud to have earned the Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential and will use the knowledge I’ve gained to keep our organization running smoothly.
EMAIL ME or call 504.904.1134

Laura Murray, CAE
Chief Information Officer

I take care of all things technology for the Society, from keeping our equipment and programs up to date and secure, to analyzing data and tracking trends in membership.
EMAIL ME or call 504.904.1124

Ann Lupo
Communications/PR Director 

I work on all Society communications, print and digital. I really enjoy writing and editing Lagniappe magazine and getting the chance to feature our members and the good things they’re doing for the profession. I administer LCPA’s Education Foundation Scholarship program and lead the Society’s financial literacy efforts. 
EMAIL ME or call 504.904.1125

Reagan Robert
Membership Coordinator 

In my position I get to interact with members across the state and help them get the most from their membership. I love the chance to travel to our chapters for special events and enjoy making local connections with new and long-time members! And I’m always looking for CPA members to join me in our career outreach with high school and colleges.
EMAIL ME or call 504.904.1129

Linda Babin, CPA, CGMA
State Government Relations Director

I represent the Society by participating in ongoing policy discussions at the state and federal levels. I’m boots on the ground in Baton Rouge as advocate on behalf of our members by attending committee meetings and Legislative Sessions at the Capitol and meeting with elected officials. I also coordinate meetings during the year with our member-based tax committees and the IRS, Louisiana Department of Revenue, Workforce Commission, Economic Development, Legislative Auditor, and other state agencies as needed.
EMAIL ME or call 504.904.1126

Lisa Richardson
Chief Learning Officer

I oversee the professional education that CPAs need to maintain their license. The reason we feel our CPE stands out from the rest — and we know there are many providers out there — is because LCPA has the highest standards for quality content and speakers. I work closely with our members to carefully select courses and plan workshops and conferences. This helps us ensure you continue to build competencies and improve your value. We never take our role as an education resource lightly, and we value the trust you place in us.
EMAIL ME or call 504.904.1139

Diedra Allen
Professional Development & Training Manager

I secure off-site locations for LCPA seminars and special events; staff off-site events; sell continuing education to firms and companies, coordinate/contract rental agreements and invoicing for LCPA’s training facility, all off-site events payables. After more than 30 years with LCPA, my members are more like my family.
EMAIL ME or call 504.904.1131

Misean Reed
Marketing Manager

I handle the majority of our email communications and want to make sure what you get from us is relevant to you and timely. If you have questions or feedback about emails, I'm your girl. Plus, I can help you customize your settings. I also work on our print materials, web content, and am the main contact for event sponsors and exhibitors. Find me at the next conference and introduce yourself!
EMAIL ME or call 504.904.1133

Olivia Burnham 
CPE Coordinator

I help plan agendas and coordinate speakers for LCPA’s conferences and workshops. Thousands of members attend our events each year, so it’s important that we think of everything (or try to). There’s a lot that needs to be done before the day of the event in regards to speakers and their presentations, and use my love for being organized to make it happen.
EMAIL ME or call 504.904.1135

Karen Caillouet
CPE Assistant

I am the seminar/webcast coordinator. I set up all the CPE events in our system. I also handle all evaluations and books needed for all seminars. I take care of all the details so that when you arrive you can concentrate on learning.
EMAIL ME or call 504.904.1155

Diana Johnston
Member Support Specialist

I work in member support, which is taking care of our members to their satisfaction. I work with coordinators for our classes and help Linda Babin, our State Government Relations Director, with various administrative duties including those related to our Key Person Program.
EMAIL ME or call 504.904.1152

Stacey Lockwood, CAE
Director of Ethics and Practice Quality

I am responsible for the administration of the peer review program and professional ethics. The objective of oversight is to ensure compliance with the Standards and consistency in implementation. By working to enhance the quality of accounting, auditing, and attestation services, we help our members be the best at what they do so they can offer the highest quality services to the public. If there are areas of deficiency found, then we want to help a firm take the appropriate actions in accordance with the relevant professional standards to improve the quality of its practice. I also handle Review Panel administration.
EMAIL ME or call 504.904.1136

Mark Harris, CPA
Director of Professional Services

In serving as the CPA on staff of the AICPA Peer Review Program administered by LCPA, I manage the processes to ensure the Society’s full commitment to the objectives of the Program. I engage in peer to peer relationships in overseeing the report acceptance process of LCPA’s Peer Review Committee and the implementation of the Peer Review Standards. Participation in the Peer Review program demonstrates a CPA firm’s commitment to professionalism. The Standards applied by our exceptional peer reviewers provides a fair and efficient evaluation of the quality of each participating firm’s financial reporting.
EMAIL ME or call 504.904.1144

Gloria Snyder
Manager of Professional Services

I am responsible for the administrative support of the peer review program and professional ethics. Peer review is important for firms that perform audits, reviews or compilations, and it shows their commitment to quality. I feel I’m very detailed oriented, and that’s why this is a great job for me — it’s my way to show my own commitment to quality.
EMAIL ME or call 504.904.1143

Bill Frazier
Mail Room Coordinator

I focus on general office support. My job duties consist of making attendee lists, registration lists, and name badges for conferences and workshops. I also do the office mail, order office supplies, and assist with anything in our facility to make sure our classes run smoothly.
EMAIL ME or call 504.904.1130