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Political Action Committee


That's how LCPA members describe the role of our Political Action Committee.

Previous Louisiana legislative sessions saw numerous bills that could have adversely affected not only the profession but the public. The Political Action Committee opened the doors necessary to engage with lawmakers and express the profession’s concerns. That's why your support is crucial to getting your voice — our collective voices — heard, when and where it counts.

The PAC is SOLELY funded by individual member donations.
It’s true. And successful advocacy efforts require a variety of resources. It requires dedicated members who know the ins and outs of tax law and audit regulations, and it means maintaining good relationships with CPA-friendly legislators, which often requires financial resources. The PAC — with your support — helps to make this happen.

Be in that number. Back the PAC

There is strength in numbers. Literally, the number of individual contributors MATTERS, so the more members who donate — in ANY amount — the stronger the PAC’s influence.


What is the goal of LCPA's PAC?

PAC ensures the CPA community has a voice in state government, particularly on issues affecting the profession and Louisiana’s economic vitality.

What is the function of our PAC?

The PAC supports political candidates who value the CPA profession and ask for input on legislative and regulatory issues.

Why is the PAC important?

The more CPA-friendly political candidates elected into office, the more the CPA profession and business community will thrive in Louisiana. Additionally, LCPA has long-standing relationships with many legislators and other government officials, and the PAC helps us keep the attention of these individuals and enhances our reputation as experts who provide objective, nonpartisan advice.

Why should I contribute to the PAC?

The decisions made by our state government affect you — as a CPA, a business owner, a taxpayer. The PAC is a way for you to have a voice. Your investment helps LCPA build alliances with elected officials who directly influence legislation.

Do my LCPA dues fund the PAC?

No. By law, LCPA cannot use your membership dues as contributions to political candidates. CPAs must make all political contributions personally and voluntarily.

I already contribute to AICPA's PAC. Isn’t LCPA's PAC a duplication of efforts?

No. The AICPA’s PAC supports federal legislators and issues, not state-level. LCPA's PAC only supports state officials and issues.

What if I don’t want my money to support a particular candidate or party?

PAC is nonpartisan in its selection of candidates to support. Party label is not considered. The record, agenda, and quality of each candidate determine who receives our support.

Who’s in charge of LCPA's PAC?

You! Our PAC is a member-managed, member-driven, and member-focused political action committee. We welcome the insights and viewpoints of our members, especially with respect to candidates and issues.


If you have any questions regarding LCPA's advocacy efforts or legislative activities, contact:
David Zoller
Director of Government and Political Affairs
504.904.1127 •