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LDR Revises Partnership Filing Requirements

February 16, 2022

Partnership Filing Requirements for the 2021 Tax Year

Act 287 of the 2021 Regular Session amended LA R.S. 47:103(A)(2) and 201 relative to the filing of partnership returns.

The purpose of this bulletin is to explain the Louisiana Department of Revenue  (LDR) revised filing requirements for partnerships and other changes.

Carefully read through LDR RIB 22-007 including the footnotes to understand each scenario.

The LDR targeted ‘go live’ dates for E-file are: 

  • Corporate Income and Franchise (CIFT-620): 2/21/2022
  • Partnership(IT-565):  3/21/2022
  • Fiduciary(IT-541):  3/28/2022

The LCPA Advocacy Team expresses a sincere thanks to LDR Secretary Kevin Richard and his staff for listening to the member challenges we shared regarding the partnership filing requirements and for the willingness to make some revisions for the 2021 tax year.

Questions about the content of this Alert should be directed to LCPA State Government Relations Director  Linda Babin.