Sponsorship & Exhibitor Packages
To exhibit or become an event sponsor, contact:

Misean Reed

Marketing Manager
800.288.5272 ext. 133

Conferences, workshops, and special events provide a unique opportunity to network with your target market and explain your products and services face to face. Sponsoring and exhibiting is a great way to connect with CPAs and explain how you can make their life easier and the thousands of businesses they influence more profitable. For a quick view, see our calendar of events below.

For more detailed information, view our Marketing Guide that includes specifics on pricing and attendee demographics for each event.

Controllers Workshop

Mar 22 • Baton Rouge
A smaller, one-day version of our Business & Industry Conference, this event is all business! The lineup includes strategic and management topics, plus technology and regulatory updates to keep organizations moving forward. It’s a highly concentrated audience of CEOs, CFOs, and controllers from businesses of all sizes from around the state.

Average Attendance: 154
Primary Member Types
64% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner
9% Government/Nonprofit
18% Industry – Staff

Technology Conference

June 17-18 • New Orleans
LCPA partners with K2 Enterprises to bring the latest technology tips, tricks and techniques for accounting professionals and information that business leaders need to stay abreast of the newest technologies and their implications for business. This conference attracts CPAs and accountants from a variety of industries with an interest in technological developments in both hardware and software.

Average Attendance: 111
Primary Member Types
38% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner
22% Industry – Staff
12% Public – Partner/Shareholder

Women’s Conference

May 17 • Baton Rouge
This special event addresses issues unique to women in the CPA profession, offers best practices for career advancement and retention, and highlights accomplished female leaders through the Women to Watch Award presentation at the luncheon. Compared to other conferences, this event is much more conversational in nature, and many of the attendees say it’s their favorite CPE event of the year.

Average Attendance: 88
Primary Member Types
29% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner
28% Public – Manager/Staff
15% Industry – Staff

Summer Education Conference

Jul 1-5 • Sandestin Golf & Beach, FL
The Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida CPA societies join forces for this event where sponsors get to mingle with a diverse audience of decision-makers from public accounting and industry, in both a formal educational setting AND during social activities. It’s a unique opportunity to forge lasting business relationships AND potentially lifelong friendships.

Average Attendance: 131
Primary Member Types
40% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner
21% Public – Partner/Shareholder
4% Sole Practitioner

Not-for-Profit Workshop

Jul 26 • LCPA Kenner Training Center
One of our largest niche events, this workshop focuses on trends and issues impacting the financial management of not-for-profits. It’s ideal for CFOs of nonprofits as well as CPAs in public practice who have not-for-profit clients, so if you support, consult, or in any way do business with nonprofits, this is a great spot to connect with key influencers.

Average Attendance: 87
Primary Member Types
48% Public Accounting
24% Nonprofit
10% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner

State & Local Tax Workshop

Aug 9 • Baton Rouge
CPAs in all areas of the profession, local taxing authorities, and tax attorneys attend this event, which is normally scheduled shortly after the close of the legislative session, so it covers any relevant changes and developments in state and local income tax, tax litigation, and the Louisiana legislature.

Average Attendance: 213
Primary Member Types
14% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner
34% Public – Manager/Staff
18% Public – Partner/Shareholder

Business & Industry Conference

Aug 15-16 • New Orleans
Our second-largest event — and the largest annual gathering of CFOs and controllers in the state — this conference addresses management, strategic planning, and other key trends and regulatory issues impacting Louisiana businesses and their finance teams. If you’re looking for financial decisionmakers for many of Louisiana’s businesses, this is the place to be!

Average Attendance: 376
Primary Member Types
64% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner
15% Industry – Staff
12% Public Accounting

Accounting & Auditing Conference

Aug 22-23 • New Orleans
Our third-largest event, this conference attracts CPAs in public practice, industry and government to learn about the most recent trends and developments in accounting and auditing, where standards are constantly being issued or revised.

Average Attendance: 253
Primary Member Types
34% Public – Partner/Shareholder
19% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner
16% Public – Manager/Staff

Estate & Financial Planning Workshop

Aug 26 • Garden Event Center, Bossier City
This workshop attracts CPAs in public practice involved in estate and financial planning for their clients or CPAs in industry who may be involved in managing investments or forecasting for their organization. Topics center around tax, the economy, and recent legislation.

Average Attendance: 61
Primary Member Types
46% Public – Partner/Shareholder/Sole Practitioner
17% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner
25% Public – Manager/Staff

Small Business Workshop

Sep 25 • LCPA Kenner Training Center
This event tackles the top tax, finance, management, and technology issues faced by small businesses. The audience is primarily CPAs who serve as CEO, CFO, or controller for a small business or businesses, but also a handful of CPAs in public, government and not-for-profit entities.

Average Attendance: 42
Primary Member Types
56% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner
33% Public Accounting
7% Industry – Staff

Accounting & Auditing Symposium

Oct 3 • Alexandria
Taught by A&A dynamic duo Kurt and Anne Oestriecher, this event attracts CPAs in public practice, industry, and government from mostly central and north Louisiana who want to get up to date on the most recent developments in accounting and auditing.

Average Attendance: 53
Primary Member Types
45% Public – Partner/Shareholder/Sole Practitioner
29% Public – Manage/Staff
11% Industry

Financial Institutions Conference

Sep 23 • Baton Rouge
This event attracts CPAs in mid- to upper-level management in the banking industry, as well as CFOs and CEOs of non-public companies, and public firms who have financial institution clients.

Average Attendance: 158
Primary Member Types
55% Industry
16% Public – Partner/Shareholder/Sole Practitioner
30% Industry – Staff

Medical & Healthcare Services Workshop

Oct 18 • Baton Rouge
One of our fastest-growing niche workshops, this event attracts CPAs who work in healthcare or advise healthcare clients. The agenda regularly includes the state’s leading authorities in the healthcare field and covers trends in policy, insurance, technology, compliance, and delivery of care.

Average Attendance: 81
Primary Member Types
25% Industry – Staff
29% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner
36% Public Accounting

Forensic, Litigation & Valuation Conference

Oct 24-25 • Baton Rouge
CPAs are often called on to serve as expert witnesses in legal cases where significant assets are involved. Many of these suits involve valuation so we pair this workshop with the Business Valuation Workshop to accommodate some overlap in audience. The audience is primarily CPAs in public practice who either already provide litigation support for clients or who are interested in adding it to the services they offer.

Average Attendance: 84
Primary Member Types
47% Public – Partner/Shareholder/Sole Practitioner
33% Public – Manager/Staff
6% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner

Government Accounting & Auditing Conference

Nov 14-15 • Lafayette
Governmental accounting and auditing is a specialized area with its own rules and requirements, making it imperative for anyone working with governmental entities to keep up with the constant tweaking of those rules. This conference often includes the foremost authorities on these issues, making it a must for CPAs and staff who perform finance functions for governmental entities or perform government audits.

Average Attendance: 298
Primary Member Types
35% Public – Partner/Shareholder/Sole Practitioner
35% Public – Manage/Staff
15% Government

Human Resources Workshop

Nov 11 • LCPA Kenner Training Center
Many CPAs in industry find themselves wearing many hats — often including HR duties. This event covers hot topics and important updates on legal and compliance issues. The audience is mostly CFOs and controllers from small to medium-sized businesses around the state — organizations that are likely too small for large, well-defined HR departments.

Average Attendance: 42
Primary Member Types
63% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner/Industry – Staff
23% Nonprofit
7% Public Accounting

Winter CPE Cluster

TBD • The Golden Nugget, Lake Charles
The Cluster is a general mish-mash of hot topics delivered by our cream-of-the-crop speakers. The attendees — mostly CEOs, CFOs, and CPA firm partners — come as much for the location as they do the sessions. It’s a unique opportunity to network with decision makers in a slightly more casual setting.

Average Attendance: 64
Primary Member Types
33% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner
14% Sole Practitioner
17% Public – Partner/Shareholder

Oil & Gas Conference

Nov 21-22 • Lafayette
For better or for worse, Louisiana’s economy is somewhat tied to the oil and gas industry. Our goal with this conference is to give the CPAs working in and for the industry all the information they need to keep their business engines rolling. The agenda addresses industry-specific needs and challenges to help CPAs help their oil and gas companies and clients stay competitive and compliant.

Average Attendance: 57
Primary Member Types
46% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner
15% Public – Partner/Shareholder/Sole Practitioner
12% Public – Manager/Staff

Winter Tech Fest

TBD • LCPA Kenner Training Center
This one-day program is where CPAs come for the hottest and most important tech-related topics impacting business and accounting professionals. A nice complement to our Technology Conference, it provides the practical direction needed to leverage new and emerging technology trends and tools.

Average Attendance: 39
Primary Member Types
36% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner
29% Public Accounting
18% Industry – Staff

Tax Symposium

Dec 6 • Shreveport
We pick and choose the best topics and speakers from the Tax Conference and send them to Shreveport for our tax practitioners in the northern half of the state. This event is relatively new, but quickly establishing a loyal and growing audience of tax practitioners from north Louisiana.

Average Attendance: 96
Primary Member Types
53% Public – Partner/Shareholder/Sole Practitioner
12% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner
20% Public – Manager/Staff

Louisiana Tax Conference

Dec 12-13 • New Orleans
By far, LCPA’s biggest CPE event of the year — and the largest annual gathering of CPAs in the state — this conference updates Louisiana tax practitioners and attorneys on federal and state tax law changes. Tax practitioners are often the primary consultant for businesses on all kinds of buying decisions, from what software to use, to what vehicles to purchase, and much more. So, whether you’re looking for new customers or a steady referral source (or both!), this is a must-attend event.

Average Attendance: 685
Primary Member Types
19% CEO/CFO/Controller/Owner
47% Public – Partner/Shareholder/Sole Practitioner
21% Public – Manager/Staff
Gold/Exclusive Silver Bronze Standard
Available Packages 1 1/industry unlimited unlimited
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Standard Exhibitor Package:

All sponsors and exhibitors receive a standard exhibitor page which includes a skirted 6-foot table, 2 chairs, a wastebasket, 2 lunches per day, and wi-fi. Additional lunches may be purchased; lunch prices vary by location. A basic electrical connection is an additional $50 and must be requested in advance.

Logo/Digital & Print Ad Requirements:

Logos: EPS preferred; high resolution PNG also acceptable (minimum 1000px x 1000px) Digital Ads: JPG, PNG or GIF Print Ads: EPS or PDF

Purpose of the Exhibition

The exhibition is for the purpose of education and to provide a service to LCPA event attendees.

Standard Exhibit Package

The exhibit package includes a skirted 6-foot table, 2 chairs, a wastebasket, 2 lunches per day, and wi-fi. Additional lunches may be purchased; lunch prices vary by location. Exhibitors will be sent instructions on shipping procedures, set up, and tear down. A basic electrical connection is an additional $50 and must be requested in advance.

Exhibitor Hours

Exhibit hours are established by LCPA. Generally, exhibits will be open during continental breakfast, morning and afternoon breaks and lunch. To maintain the educational integrity of the program, exhibitors are asked to adhere to the exhibit hours indicated. Once event sessions begin, discussions with participants should be finished and participants should be encouraged to return to the sessions. This will enable participants to receive maximum benefit from both the educational program and the exhibits.

Exhibit Set-Up and Tear Down

Exhibitors are responsible for setting up and tearing down their exhibits. No assistance will be provided by LCPA. Exhibitors are expected to set up and tear down their exhibits during the established time periods.

Assignment of Exhibit Space

In assigning exhibit space, full consideration will be given to competing products and general grouping of exhibits for proper display and comparison. Every effort will be made for the equitable assignment of space. LCPA reserves the right to relocate any exhibit for the benefit of the exhibitor or for the betterment of the exhibition. No firm, organization, company or individual without assigned exhibit space will be permitted to display or distribute products or literature, or solicit business within the exhibition hall. Exhibitors will not be permitted to assign, sublet or share with others any part of the space allocated to them.

Eligible Exhibits

LCPA reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company or product for inclusion in the exhibition based on the information provided by the exhibitor. LCPA does not promote companies whose programs, services, products, etc., compete with those offered by LCPA to its members.

Care of Facilities

Exhibitors or their representatives must not injure or deface the walls or floors of the meeting site. When such damage occurs, the exhibitor is liable to the owner of the property so damaged.

Cancellation of Sponsorship/Exhibit Space

Sponsorships are secured on a first-come basis. Full payment must accompany exhibit contract. Cancellations of exhibit space are fully refundable if submitted in writing at least 90 calendar days prior to the conference. Cancellations submitted in writing less than 30 days will receive a 50 percent refund. No refunds are given to cancellations less than 30 days prior to the event.

Staffing & Badges

Exhibitors must provide LCPA with the name(s) of the representative(s) who will attend the exhibition. Exhibit representatives must wear appropriate LCPA badges at all times. The badges will be included in your exhibitor packet distributed at the event.

Cancellation of Events

LCPA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an event at any time. Should this occur, LCPA will not be held responsible for any expenses incurred by the exhibitor.


The exhibit area will not be locked when not in use. Exhibitors should consider removing from the meeting site or otherwise securing all equipment, supplies and other information at the close of each event day.


Exhibitors are responsible for shipping materials to and from the event. All costs associated with the shipping and storage of exhibit material are the responsibility of the exhibitor.