CPE Course Coordinator

When you volunteer as a course coordinator for the LCPA, the work is easy and the benefits are big. Course coordinators receive 50% off the already discounted member rate. This can mean substantial discounts of over $100 per course! Conferences and selected workshops do not qualify for discounts.

Sounds like a sweet deal? You bet!

Volunteering for a course is easy. Simply complete the form below indicating the CPE course(s) you would like to attend. We will confirm with you if the position is available, and if so, you will be listed as the coordinator and the discount applied to your course fees.

Here’s what’s a course coordinator does:

  1. Arrive at the course location at least 15 minutes before the seminar opens for registration. Check the meeting room set-up and course materials.
  2. Introduce yourself to hotel personnel and the Discussion Leader. Learn the location of phones, restroom facilities, and where lunch will be served.
  3. Check off the attendance on the registration list furnished by the Society office and hand out course manuals, evaluation forms and tent name cards.
  4. Contact LCPA's Member Service Center to provide attendance report.
  5. At completion of seminar, collect signed attendance verification cards.
  6. Complete the "On-site Coordinator Report.”
  7. Place remaining course materials, attendance verification cards, and checked-in registration list in the box provided. Please bring the box to your office. A UPS call tag will be issued for pick up. For alternate arrangements, contact Diana Johnston at 504.904.1152.
  8. Remember to relish in the fact that you got an incredible extra discount on a CPE course you planned to attend anyway.

CPE Course Coordinator Volunteer Form