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From tax to auditing to career awareness to specialty areas like HR and business valuation, we have a diverse selection of committees, so it’s easy to find one that fits your personal interests.

Share your strengths, build new skills, and connect with other professionals.

Whether you're new to the profession or a seasoned veteran, your ideas are important to our overall success. In return, you'll collaborate with leaders who share your desire to make a difference by giving back. Plus, you just might build friendships that will last a lifetime.

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Review the committee descriptions below and complete the following Committee Volunteer Form. You can select up to 3 committees by preference. Volunteers will receive confirmation in June, and at that point, you have the option to accept or decline an appointment.

Questions? Contact Laura Murray, 504.904.1124.

Committee Facts

  • Committee service is open to all regular and candidate members. No prior committee experience is required.
  • Most committees are open to members through the volunteer process; others (*) are directly appointed by executive leadership.
  • Committees meet an average of three times a year or less, both in-person and/or by conference call.
  • Appointments are typically for one year.
  • Current committee members must complete a volunteer form to be considered for reappointment.
  • Most committee travel expenses are reimbursed.
  • To learn more about individual committees, click on the committee title for a full description.

Committee Expense Reimbursement

LCPA reimburses board members, committee chairs, and committee members for most expenses incurred while attending Society meetings Submit a Reimbursement Form.

Budget Committee*

Provides timely and meaningful financial budgets for the operations of the Society.

AICPA Council*

The AICPA Council is the governing body of the American Institute of CPAs. The AICPA Board of Directors reports to the Council and acts as the Executive Committee of the Council.

Continuing Professional Education Committee

Recommends administrative policy, course selection, instructor management and looks into future vehicles for educational programming.

Emerging CPA Council*

Consists of representatives from each chapter and strives to engage, connect, promote, and aspire new CPAs and future CPAs.

Ethics Committee*

Charged with the responsibility of administering the Society's Code of Professional Ethics. Appointments are limited to three-year terms per LCPA Bylaws.

Executive Committee*

Administers the affairs of the Society as designated by the Board of Directors.

Nominating Committee*

Selects nominees for President-elect, Treasurer and Board of Directors members-at-large whose terms have ended or for which vacancies have occurred.

Strategic Planning Committee

Identifies emerging needs from all areas of the profession, reviews progress of committees towards strategic goals of the organization, and monitors the Society’s long-range plan.

* Indicates committees are operated by appointment and not through the volunteer process.

Federal Taxation Committee

Maintains contact with IRS representatives, including periodic liaison meetings. Maintains contact with AICPA tax committees and provides direct input on federal tax laws and regulations. Informs public on major federal tax changes.

Legislation Committee*

Works to maintain a sound accountancy law in Louisiana and to successfully oppose any weakening in the licensing and regulatory laws which would adversely affect the public interest or the professional status of the CPA.

Peer Review Committee

Helps manage the AICPA/LCPA Peer Review program, including the acceptance of Peer Review reports on firms in a confidential manner.

State & Local Taxation Committee

Keeps up with the latest on state and local tax issues impacting Louisiana taxpayers, businesses and industries. Holds annual liaison meetings with LDR, LDOL, and the Louisiana Association of Tax Administrators.

* Indicates committees are operated by appointment and not through the volunteer process.

Career Awareness Committee

Develops and manages CPA career awareness programs for high school and college students. Administers scholarship program and selects award recipients.

Financial Literacy Committee

Coordinates the Society’s Financial Literacy efforts to provide financial education opportunities for all ages. Builds liaisons within the financial literacy community and organizes community service events.

Accounting Education Issues Committee

Evaluates the educational needs of future professionals and other important Louisiana education issues. Public practitioners and CPAs in industry, as well as educators, are needed to provide a balanced committee structure.

B4B (Business For Business) Committee

Explores public relations ideas, economic avenues and the activities of other committees to determine how the Society could take a more proactive role in small business support and development.

Estate & Financial Planning Committee

Manages the estate financial planning educational events aimed to educate membership on estate and financial planning issues and developments.

Financial Institutions Committee

Develops the Financial Institutions Conference and other related financial institutions seminars to keep members abreast of developments in this rapidly changing area. Organizes annual meeting with agencies who regulate financial institutions activities on a state and federal level.

Forensic, Litigation & Valuation Services Committee

Oversees the Litigation Services and Business Valuation workshops and develops new and varied programs in this practice area. Reviews Society activity presently taking place in litigation services.

Government Accounting & Auditing Committee

Keeps the Society abreast of changes in government accounting and auditing. Involved in planning and development of the Government Accounting & Auditing Conference. Members in public accounting, government and industry serve on this committee.

Human Resources Committee

Charged with developing a workshop designed for CPAs who serve in a human resources capacity with their companies, employers or clients.

Industry Members Committee

Provides direction and support for Society committees, policies and programs related to CPAs working in business and industry. Responsible for planning Controller’s Workshop and Business and Industry Conference.

Louisiana Accounting & Auditing Conference Committee

Responsible for developing the program content, publicity and arrangements for the Louisiana Accounting and Auditing Conference.

Louisiana Tax Conference Committee

Plans and administers the Louisiana Tax Conference.

Medical & Healthcare Issues Committee

Advises the membership of the many opportunities as well as challenges for the public and industry CPAs in the medical and healthcare environment. Involved in planning and development of the Medical and Healthcare Services Workshop.

Not-for-Profit Issues Committee

Focuses on issues pertinent to not-for-profit entities. Volunteers from both the public and non-profit sectors plan the annual Not-for-Profit Workshop, as well as explore other not-for-profit education programs.

Oil & Gas Committee

This committee will focus on issues pertinent to the oil and gas industry and the unique financial issues that affect the organizations that depend on it. Volunteers from both the public and industry sectors will help to plan the annual Oil & Gas Conference, which is designed for CPAs who work in the industry or for organizations that support it.

Restaurant and Hospitality Committee New!

Now more than ever, the restaurant and hospitality community will need the help of their financial advisors to navigate a sea of options in order to stay viable. This new committee will work to plan events to support the people who support this crucial industry. We’re looking for CPAs who work with restaurant clients, as well as CPAs who work as CFOs or controllers for restaurant or hospitality entities.

Women's Initiatives Committee

Charged with addressing the issue of retention and advancement of women within the CPA profession through outreach and education. Open to women and men who are advocates for the advancement of women in the profession and who are interested in making measurable gains in the number of women leaders.