Classified Ad Insertion Order Form

After completing and submitting this insertion order, a confirmation will be emailed to you. You must acknowledge the insertion order confirmation and process payment before your ad is placed. You will receive payment instructions with your confirmation.

Please contact Ann Lupo, 504.904.1125, if you have any questions.

By submitting this insertion order you confirm that you have read and agree to the advertising terms and conditions associated with placing an online/printed ad with the Society of Louisiana CPAs.

• Advertising fees include posting both online and in print, unless otherwise specified by the advertiser. If the advertiser opts to post a classified ad in only online or print, the fee is not reduced.
• Lagniappe and online classified advertisers are charged by the word. The following are considered words and are charged as such: “a”, “and”, “the”, “&”, and phone numbers, including area code.
• Lagniappe classified ads will run in the issue(s) as specified by the advertiser.
• Online ads run for a 30-day period. Copy and payment must be received prior to posting online or printing. Ads can be removed at your request before the end of the 30-day period, but the fee is not reduced.
• A confirmation will be emailed to you. You must acknowledge the insertion order confirmation before your ad is placed. We will not proceed until we receive your approval.
• Online advertisements are not eligible for frequency or agency discounts.
• Advertisers who request that inquiries be forwarded to a blind box will receive replies via email only. Written replies, if received, will be scanned and emailed.
• Payment is required prior to the placement of the ad.
• LCPA reserves the right to refuse any advertising. Advertisements for any non-LCPA sponsored professional education program will not be accepted.
• Individuals placing the ad must be an authorized representative of the advertiser.
• Advertiser assumes liability for all content of advertisements published and for any claims that are made against the publisher. Webmaster reserves the right to refuse advertising deemed unsuitable for the LCPA website.
• LCPA refuses to publish any ads with reference to race, gender, nationality, religion and/or ethnicity.
• LCPA does not guarantee the visit rate on any advertisement within our website.
• Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.
• For further information or to place an advertisement on the LCPA website or in Lagniappe, contact Ann Lupo at 504.904.1125 or