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Retirement Strategies for Small Business Owners (LL119)

Vanessa Brown Claiborne, CPA • President – Chaffe & Associates
Charles Bosch, CPA • VP, Senior Trust Advisor - Regions Private Wealth Management • New Orleans, LA

The company is typically the business owner’s largest asset and most business owners don’t know its value. Learn about steps to take to maximize the value and reduce the risk for a successful transfer. And because retirement needs are a critical part of any business transfer strategy, this program also will cover goal-based financial planning to measure needs versus resources and investment strategies to meet goals. Vanessa Brown Claiborne and Charles Bosch bring it all together through an insightful case study illustrating the benefits of proactive planning.

Category: Management


Top Tech Trends Transforming Business (LL219)

Les Nettleton • Director of Information Technology, Bourgeois Bennett • Metairie, LA

Hardware, software and the way we use them is in a state of constant transformation. Keeping data secure is a perpetual battle. This program will look at what you must consider as you make decisions on the future of your technology. Les Nettleton will look at Cybersecurity, Blockchain, software and software licensing, cloud computing, working remotely, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and the risks associated with mobile devices.

Category: Management


Managing People, Problems, and Procedures (LL319)

Helene K. Wall, SHRM-SCP • Associate Director Human Resources Consultant – Postlethwaite & Netterville, APAC • Baton Rouge, LA

To succeed in today’s business environment, organizations have come to expect their managers and supervisors to Manage the 3-Ps (People, Problems, Procedures) in addition to performing their own job duties and responding to customer needs. Add to this list having to follow procedures that are often outdated or ineffective, and suddenly that 8-hour day looks more like 10 or 11. HR Consultant Helene Wall shares practical, results-driven ways to make it better.

Category: Management


Hot Healthcare Issues Burning Up My Phone and Email (LL419)

Michael Bertaut • Healthcare Economist and Exchange Coordinator – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana • Baton Rouge, LA

Healthcare Economist Michael Bertaut gets asked about everything — from how Louisiana insurance carriers are addressing medical marijuana, to the landscape third-party payers, to individual and employer ACA mandates, etc., etc.. In this presentation he’ll share a sampling of the most frequently raised healthcare-related questions he’s getting and how CPAs can be a valuable resource in guiding businesses through these complex, ever-evolving issues.

Category: Management


Current Developments in Louisiana Sales & Use Tax (LL519)

Robert S. “Bob” Angelico, CPA, JD • Managing Partner – Liskow & Lewis • New Orleans, LA

Louisiana’s sales and use tax system, both at the state and the parish/local level, is complicated and quite a challenge for CPAs to deal with on a daily basis. Award-winning CPE discussion leader, Bob Angelico, will address the post-Wayfair world of sales and use tax as well as recent legislative developments. Current case law developments and audit issues will be covered also.

Category: Taxation


Sec. 199A Lessons Learned (LL619)

Gerard H. “Jerry” Schreiber Jr., CPA • Partner – Schreiber & Schreiber, CPAs • Metairie, LA

IRS section 199A of the TCJA allows for up to a 20% pass-though entity deduction of qualified business income for certain business owners, trusts, and estates. However, while the tax savings seem great, the deduction comes with qualifications that have made it quite complicated for practitioners to calculate. Tax Master Jerry Schreiber covers the final IRS regulations on 199A, issues that surfaced during filing season, and issues CPAs likely will face going forward.

Category: Taxation


Catching the Crooks: Unbelievable (but True!) Cases of Fraud and What to Learn From Them (LL719)

David Yellott, CPA, CGMA • Comptroller – East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office • Baton Rouge

Reports estimate that U.S. Businesses will lose an average of 5% of their gross revenues to fraud. This program take a look at the fraud triangle, how incentives and pressures lead good people down bad roads, and how everyone has a rationalization for why they do what they do. David Yellott also examine the psychology of fraud by looking at classic rationalizations for fraud and how organizations can protect themselves from potential fraudsters.

Category: Accounting & Auditing


Understanding Financial Statements and Key Ratios (LL819)

Eric E. Bosch, CPA • Director, Audit and Assurance Services – LaPorte CPAs & Business Advisors • New Orleans, LA

As accountants, we may provide management or our client with financial statements – but do they understand what all the numbers mean? Do they really understand how the entity is performing? Eric Bosch will explain how to dig deeper into the financial statements and identify key performance ratios and other tools that give management insight into an entity’s financial health to make more informed decisions.

Category: Accounting & Auditing