CPA Day of Service

The Society of Louisiana CPAs will host our first statewide CPA Day of Service on Friday, September 28. This single, yet powerful, day will be a fun way to interact with fellow CPAs while making a lasting impact. You will have the opportunity to engage with the community you serve on a daily basis, unite with other members of the CPA profession, and even meet new faces along the way.

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How’s the CPA Day of Service work?

We want the CPA Day of Service (DOS) to be rewarding for those serving and the organizations being served. Volunteer for a community organization of your choice. Choose to participate as an individual, group or firm. It’s up to you!

What if I can only volunteer for an hour or two ?

You can commit to a whole day of volunteering, or just a few hours. We understand the time demands of work, so select the project that best fits your passion and your schedule.

6 Easy Steps to Participate in the CPA Day of Service

  1. Choose a Cause
  2. You can choose an organization you may already be involved with or we will be compiling a list of non-profit organizations in need of volunteers. You can also check with your local LCPA chapter for suggestions or reach out to area schools, libraries, and community organizations to learn how you can lend a hand with a much-needed project.

    Choose a cause that’s important to you or your group. Sometimes it’s simply asking an organization in your area, “How can I be of help?”

  3. Contact Charity Organization
  4. Contact your chosen charity or organization to find out what volunteer opportunities they have on September 28. Then start to plan your event. Keep in mind some charities/organizations have a maximum capacity for the amount of volunteers they are able to hold for one specific event. Please make sure to find out the best way you can help them specifically.

  5. Register by Monday, September 17
  6. Please officially register as an individual or group September 17 (by August 27 to get a DOS t-shirt). This will help us keep track of activities and contacts, and alert the media of participating groups. If you have any questions about registration, please contact Ann Lupo, 504.904.1125.

  7. Get your CPA Day of Service T-Shirt
  8. As a token of participation, you will receive a free t-shirt when you register for a CPA Day of Service volunteer opportunity by August 27. As quantities are limited, we ask you to only request a t-shirt if you expect to participate in the CPA Day of Service or if your group doesn’t plan to make your own custom shirt. We will fulfill t-shirt requests placed by August 27 while supplies last and will do our best to accommodate size requests. If your group wants to create its own custom shirt, we can send you the CPA Day of Service logo.

  9. Confirm Your Event
  10. Confirm your event with the charity and make sure everything is in place. As your event is confirmed, please let us know what your plans are for that day.

  11. Share Your Pictures and Videos
  12. Use the hashtag #LCPAservice to post photos and videos to social media outlets so that others can see how you are giving back to your community.

    • Instagram your service: Upload a picture or video to Instagram from your phone of your CPA Day of Service in action. @louisianacpas
    • Show it off on Facebook and Twitter: Show your CPA Day of Service pride by sharing photos of your service in action on LCPA's Facebook Page and on Twitter.
    • Follow-up after your Day of Service is complete: Send pictures and feedback to  Ann Lupo

Individual Registration Form
Group Registration Form
Non-Profit Project Registration Form


Contact Ann Lupo, 504.904.1125.