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LDR Electronic Filing Issues

Wednesday, October 10, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Andre Ladegaillerie

LDR Electronic Filing Issues

The LCPA Advocacy Team has been communicating with the Louisiana Department of Revenue regarding the electronic filing issues with some returns.

LDR will send acknowledgments as soon as the issue is resolved. In the meantime, we recommend keeping a record of when your returns are transmitted.

For reference, Title 61 of the Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC) contains the rules for taxes administered by the La Department of Revenue.

Regulation LAC 61:I.4911 — File Date of Returns and Other Documents, Part B(4) states:

4. Electronically Filed. 
A return, report or other document filed electronically is deemed filed on the date transmitted to the department or to a third party acting as the department's agent.

Rules promulgated by the Louisiana Department of Revenue can be obtained through the Office of State Register.

Questions about the content of this Alert should be directed to LCPA State Government Relations Director