Committees: 2018-19 Executive Committee

Committee Structure & Function


The Executive Committee is composed of the LCPA Chair, LCPA Chair-Elect, LCPA Treasurer and Immediate LCPA Past-Chair as voting members. The CEO/Secretary is a non-voting ex-officio member.


The Executive Committee shall:

  1. administer the affairs of the Society as designated by the Board of Directors.
  2. select the Society's annual award recipients except where authority is specifically given to other committees.
  3. recommend a Society member to the AICPA for the position of AICPA Elected Member of Council.
  4. act as the Nominating Committee of the State Board of CPAs of Louisiana. The Board of Directors shall be notified as soon as possible when a State Board of CPAs vacancy occurs. The Executive Committee shall determine the individual(s) ability to serve and report a slate to the Board at its next meeting. Such nominees, who are referred to the governor for consideration of appointment, cannot include persons currently serving on the Board of Directors or the following Society Committees: CPE, Ethics, and Legislation.
Kandace Mauldin, Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government
Staff Liaison
Ronald A. Gitz II, Society of Louisiana CPAs