Committees: 2018-19 Ethics Committee

Committee Structure & Function

The objectives of the Ethics Committee are:

Administrative - To express an opinion as to whether or not a proposed action of a member would be in accordance with the Code of Professional Ethics.

Investigative - To, upon receipt of a complaint, conduct a thorough and discreet investigation to determine whether there was a violation of the Code of Professional Ethics, and report its findings to the appropriate body in accordance with the Bylaws.

Advisory - To determine whether revisions to the Code are needed and to recommend such revisions to the Strategic Planning Committee, and to make such other recommendations concerning the Code and its implementation as the committee may consider appropriate.

Educational - To review and update an ethics questionnaire periodically for the Secretary to submit to applicants for membership in the Society to encourage each chapter to devote one meeting each year to a discussion of the Code.

Kurt G. Oestriecher, Oestriecher & Company, APAC, CPAs
Staff Liaison
Stacey Lockwood, Society of Louisiana CPAs