Committees: 2018-19 Continuing Professional Education

Committee Structure & Function

The Society's CEO, CPE Director, CPE Coordinator, and Industry Committee Chair shall serve as ex-officio members. The committee chair shall be appointed by the Chair-Elect of the Board of Directors from among members of the committee.

The CPE Committee shall oversee the development of the Society’s CPE Program to provide quality education and opportunities.


  • Oversee and approve the CPE program for the ensuing year.
  • Review and approve a CPE budget for submission to the Budget Committee.
  • Submit reports as requested by the Budget Committee, including comparison of actual and budgeted expenditures and evaluation of results of the continuing professional education program at the end of each fiscal year.
  • Suggest desired course subjects and improvement of existing courses to the AICPA and other CPE vendors.
  • Consider the use of courses developed by other sources and determine and recommend criteria as to what constitutes acceptable and meaningful continuing professional education.
  • To pursue and coordinate the development of appropriate new CPE courses which meet the needs of the membership.
  • Consult with LCPA staff, as required, to assure effective functioning of the planned program.
  • To consult with and solicit the advice from those individuals with technical expertise regarding specific CPE programs.
  • To approve a standard contract for CPE vendors and instructors.
  • To determine candidates for the Outstanding CPE Discussion Leader Award.
  • To monitor the development of alternate CPE delivery systems and activities of related and ancillary organizations which produce CPE materials, report developments to the board of directors and make recommendations to enhance delivery of CPE products to members, when appropriate.

CPE Chapter Procedures:

  • Plan and promote an active CPE program to serve the needs of the Society members. Committee members are responsible for aiding the course selection process and coordinating the CPE program to be sponsored by the Society at the chapter level.
  • Assist in promotion of attendance by mailings, announcements, news articles, personal contact and telephone activity if necessary.
  • Provide liaison and channeling communications between the chapter and Society staff on all CPE matters.
Curtis P. Meaux
Staff Liaison
Lisa Richardson, Society of Louisiana CPAs