Committees: 2018-19 Budget Committee


The Budget Committee shall be composed of: the treasurer, who shall serve as Chair; LCPA Chair; LCPA Chair-Elect; CEO/Secretary; LCPA Past-Chair; and three (3) current At-Large Members of the Board of Directors, appointed by the Chair of the Budget Committee.


  • The budget shall be presented to the Board of Directors by the Treasurer at the February/March Board Meeting each fiscal year for consideration and approval.
  • Review and approve the annual capital budget and regular budget, which are prepared and submitted by the Secretary
  • Make recommendations for changes, as needed, on investment strategies.
  • Facilitate the annual review meeting with the investment manager.


Jay A. Montalbano Jr., Hannis T Bourgeois, LLP, CPAs
Staff Liaison
Ronald A. Gitz II, Society of Louisiana CPAs