Committees: 2018-19 B4B (Business For Business) Committee

The Objectives of the B4B (Business For Business) Committee are:

  • To increase the knowledge and proficiency of Society members employed by or working with small business and/or those in the field of business consulting.
  • To help increase public awareness of resources available to small businesses.
  • To help increase public awareness of CPAs’ expertise in the area of small business and business consulting.

The committee shall regularly review the Society services and make recommendations, if warranted, for ways in which the Society can become more proactive in supporting small business.

 The Procedures of the B4B Committee are:

  • To work in cooperation with the Continuing Professional Education staff to promote seminars on items pertaining to small business and business consulting.  To actively encourage the formation of chapter committees to assist small businesses.
  • To develop community programs with the goal of strengthening the skills of new and existing business owners.
Mollie C. Broussard, McElroy, Quirk & Burch APC
Michelle Wood, Deano Hardwoods, LLC
Staff Liaison
Ann Lupo, Society of Louisiana CPAs