is under construction.


This is, in fact, the site you're looking for.

However, while we’ve got most of the framework up, there are still some behind-the scenes changes that need to be made before is fully operational, Deathstar-style. (Minus the whole being-destroyed-by-one-rogue-TIE-fighter thing.)

Your incredible patience will be rewarded with new features, simple CPE searches and registration, and better ways to connect to other LCPA members.

On May 1, you’ll be sent an email that will include your very own personalized login information, which will allow you to grasp the full power of the (currently) dark side of It is your destiny.

Until then, feel free to contact us in human form at 504.464.1040, or toll-free at 800.288.5272.


(For the non-Star Wars fans out there, basically, you caught us right in the middle of a facelift. We'll be fully operational on May 1, at which time, we'll send you an email with your new login information. Until then, live long and prosper.)