2018 Technology Conference - BOTH DAYS (LMC18)
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The 2018 Tech Conference features seasoned technology trainers from K2 who will help you sort through today's best trends.

5/10/2018 to 5/11/2018
When: May 10-11, 2018
8:30 AM until 4:30 PM
Where: Hilton New Orleans Riverside
#2 Poydras Street
New Orleans
United States
Presenter: Various

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We have access to more information than any generation in history but harnessing that information when and how we need it can be a challenge. Things that are designed to make our lives easier can often being more headache than help.

The 2018 Tech Conference features seasoned technology trainers from K2 who will help you sort through today's best trends. You'll get updated on software, hardware, apps, security, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and much more. You'll walk away with budget and time-saving strategies so you can devote more of your brainpower to making your organization more successful.

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Thursday, May 10
7:30 - 8:00 am Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:00 - 9:40 am

Tech Update

What to do? What to buy? What to watch for? What to avoid? Get your answers in Tech Update where you will learn about who offers reliable solutions and what is changing the market. Specific topics included in this session are: technology trends, recommended hardware specifications, applications and licensing, and security. This session provides concentrated exposure to technology that may reveal ideas, trends, and options that you had not discovered through your normal channels.

Major Topics Covered

  • Hardware and software trends that affect your strategy
  • Purchase guidance on what to approve and avoid
  • Innovative applications for productivity and security

Learning Objectives

  • Describe an optimum computer configuration for an accounting professional
  • Identify a new Microsoft product that covers licensing for desktop operating systems and Office
  • Specify a business case for data compliance
  • List three protection tools to use while connected to the Internet
9:40 - 10:00 am Break
10:00 - 11:40 am
Concurrent Sessions

1a. CPA Firm Technologies

What strategies can help your firm today and tomorrow? What technologies can support those strategies? The latest audit and tax technologies - in addition to niche areas such as collaborative accounting, payroll, and SALT - are covered in this session. You will also learn about supporting technologies such as practice management, document management, workflow, portals, eSignature, and email encryption. Come with your questions and expect to get insights on technologies that make public practice accounting better!

Major Topics Covered

  • Software publisher updates
  • New technologies for CPA firms to consider
  • Opportunities in evolving areas of public practice

Learning Objectives

  • List three applications required for running a public practice firm
  • Differentiate between cloud opportunities
  • Identify niche opportunities for your practice
  • List examples of technologies that reduce firm risk

1b. Data Analysis With Power Pivot

With Power Pivot, your PivotTable reports become even more powerful. Power Pivot connects directly to most data sources and works with Power Query for superior data imports and transformations. Further, DAX functions allow users to create sophisticated calculations, and the relational functionality of Power Pivot provides all the tools necessary for analyzing data from multiple sources. Participate in this session and realize superior reporting and analytical results by putting Power Pivot to use immediately.

Major Topics Covered

  • Connecting to external data sources
  • Relating multiple tables to create Data Models
  • Summarizing and analyzing data
  • Using DAX to create user-defined calculations

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between ordinary PivotTables and those created with Power Pivot
  • Identify the advantages of working with Power Pivot
  • List the steps for building a PivotTable using Power Pivot
  • Define Data Models, Data Analysis Expressions, and Key Performance Indicators

1c. Security: A Practical Guide

For many, security incidents are not a matter of "if" but a matter of "when." Therefore, you should use an end-to-end approach for protecting your data and in this session, you will learn how to do just that. Specific topics covered include multi-factor authentication, password managers, encryption, mobile device management, anti-virus, firewalls, policies, and other tools that you can implement immediately. Remember, spending more does not make you more secure, but doing the right things can.

Major Topics Covered

  • Why security is no longer optional
  • What is covered by each security tool
  • Best practices for improving security

Learning Objectives

  • List three tools that enhance security
  • Identify critical security risks
  • Specify a business case for security training
  • Differentiate between various tools that improve security
11:40 am - 12:40 pm Lunch
12:40 - 2:20 pm
Concurrent Sessions

1d. Evaluating Technology Controls

Technology controls are more important than ever. In the absence of properly-functioning controls, entire systems and the data contained therein can quickly become infected, breached, or simply stop functioning. Auditors, business managers, and consultants all need to know how to evaluate critical technology controls and in this session, you will learn the best ways to evaluate essential information technology general controls and application controls.

Major Topics Covered

  • Overview of technology controls
  • Established requirements for technology controls
  • Examples of critical technology controls
  • How to evaluate technology controls

Learning Objectives

  • Distinguish between information technology general controls and application controls
  • Identify key information technology control risks within an organization
  • Design and perform tests of information technology controls
  • Create recommendations for improving technology controls in an organization

1e. Excel Financial Modeling Best Practices

Excel remains the tool of choice for many professionals when building financial models, including forecasted financial statements and budgets. Yet many of these same professionals have never received any training on the best practices associated with generating financial modeling spreadsheets. Participate in this session to learn many amazing techniques that will not only help you save valuable time when building your Excel-based models, but will also improve the accuracy and quality of your results.

Major Topics Covered

  • Design considerations for Excel-based models
  • Advanced options for analyzing your models
  • Troubleshooting your models
  • Formatting reports for improved readability

Learning Objectives

  • Identify ten best practices for creating financial models in Excel
  • Utilize Excel features and add-in services for sensitivity, trend, and discounted cash-flow analyses
  • Create optimization models using Excel's Solver tool
  • Implement procedures for eliminating errors in Excel-based financial models
  • Incorporate various formatting techniques to improve the usefulness of reports

1f. Personal Technologies

Technology impacts us not only in business, but also at home and sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between the two! In this session, you will learn about technologies you can use to help you get things done. Examples of tools discussed include personal hardware, apps, speech-to-text, notetaking tools, and audio-visual technologies. Make plans to participate in this session so that you can take full advantage of the technologies available to you.

Major Topics Covered

  • Personal hardware choices
  • Apps and services to get more done
  • Technologies for business and for fun
  • Securely synchronizing data

Learning Objectives

  • Identify key hardware options for improved personal productivity
  • List examples of how to securely synchronize data
  • Identify how audio-visual technologies are an important consideration in today's business climate
  • List examples of apps that can have a positive impact at both a personal and a professional level
2:20 - 2:40 pm Break
2:40 - 4:20 pm

Office 365: New Tools, New Tricks

As part of the ever-changing nature of Office 365, Microsoft has added several new tools - including Teams, Flow, Planner, Stream, and PowerApps - to the suite and has also added many new collaborative features to Excel, Word, and other existing applications. Join us for this productivity-enhancing session in which you will learn about the new opportunities in Office 365 and how to improve your productivity by taking advantage of them.

Major Topics Covered

  • Licensing options and update strategies for Office 365
  • New apps available in Office 365
  • New features in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate Office 365 from traditional licenses of Microsoft Office and identify the license option that is best for you and your organization
  • List the various update alternatives for Office 365 and determine which option is right for different team members and departments within your organization
  • Identify new tools in Office 365 and how they might be useful to you or others in your organization
  • Utilize new features in Office 365 applications to optimize productivity
4:30 – 5:20 pm

Lagniappe Session (optional)

Improving Profitability Through Business Intelligence & Automation

“Business intelligence” and “automation” might seem like buzzwords or outlandish concepts, but the truth of the matter is that they are here to stay. You already have the option of knowing exactly how your firm is doing and consistently making the right decisions to dramatically increase profits. You just have to use the right tools. Join Steve Burns, Chief Creative Officer of BQE Software, to understand how business intelligence opens up a whole new world of possibilities for accounting and other professional services firms and how to harness its power. You’ll discover practical applications of cutting-edge technology that will both boost short-term profits and position your firm as a front-runner in the years to come. You’ll also see how principals, partners, CFOs, and other business managers are using modern technology to streamline their daily tasks, gain a distinct competitive advantage, and grow their companies like never before.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine how trends in accounting technology will affect the industry
  • Discover how artificial intelligence and automation impact your firm in unique ways
  • Pinpoint the most vital key performance indicators for your business
  • Assess which kind of technology is right for your firm
Friday, May 11
7:30 - 8:00 am Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:00 - 9:40 am

Emerging Technologies

The next wave of technology is arriving now and you will need to choose from various technologies and tools to maintain and improve your productivity. Each emerging technology - among them Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning - will be explained including why it is important and how it works. Additionally, actual products will be used as examples in each category to turn this discussion from a theoretical overview to a practical selection and how-to cookbook.

Major Topics Covered

  • Why emerging technologies should be considered for business
  • How each major emerging technology works
  • What solutions are available for implementation now

Learning Objectives

  • Identify three major emerging technologies
  • Manage the volume of Big Data
  • Specify a business case for machine learning
  • List a current use for artificial intelligence
9:40 - 10:00 am Break
10:00 - 11:40 am
Concurrent Sessions

2a. Client Accounting and the Outsourced CFO

Technology is transforming small business accounting as companies and their CPA firms are turning to Cloud-based solutions not just to "keep the books," but rather to revolutionize business operations. The technology behind solutions from companies such as AccountantsWorld, Intuit, Sage, Xero, Zoho, and others places the focus on value-added services, instead of time-consuming data entry tasks. Participate in this session to learn how all parties can benefit from this new paradigm of small business accounting.

Major Topics Covered

  • Challenges with traditional, small business accounting solutions and workflows
  • How the CPA in public practice can become a virtual controller or CFO
  • Improving communication between small businesses and their external CPA

Learning Objectives

  • Identify bottlenecks in traditional small business accounting operations
  • Specify examples of applied technology to improve accounting efficacy
  • List examples of various small business accounting solutions, including key characteristics
  • Differentiate between various small business accounting solutions based on feature set

2b. Extending the Power of Excel With Useful Add-ins

Major Topics Covered

  • Downloading free add-ins from Microsoft
  • Using built-in add-ins for common tasks
  • Identifying and using add-ins for sophisticated analysis

Learning Objectives

  • Identify five useful add-ins to extend the power and functionality of Excel
  • Utilize the Fuzzy Lookup add-in to match inexact data
  • Define Benford Analysis and why it is useful in fraud detection
  • Utilize the Analysis ToolPak to create sophisticated, formula-free analysis
  • Identify the processes associated with performing a Monte Carlo simulation on cash flow data

2c. The Best Kept Secrets of Windows 10

Most Windows 10 users continue to use the Windows operating system as they did in prior versions of Windows, ignoring many new productivity and security features. In this session, you will learn the best kept secrets of Windows 10, including how you can use it to minimize the threat of ransomware, integrate with your mobile device, and track your activities. Join us in this session so that you can take full advantage of Windows 10.

Major Topics Covered

  • Understanding Windows 10 updates
  • Key new features in Windows 10
  • Improving security with Windows
  • Integrating your Windows 10 with your mobile device

Learning Objectives

  • Identify options for managing the update frequency of a Windows 10-based PC
  • List at least five features for improving productivity in Windows 10
  • Differentiate between key new features in Windows 10 for improving security
  • Identify the process for integrating a Windows 10-based PC with an iOS or Android-powered device
11:40 – 12:40 pm Lunch
12:40 - 1:30 pm
Concurrent Sessions

2d. Technology Decision Tree for Medium to Large Business Accounting

What to do? Although Microsoft and Sage still dominate mid-market accounting, Acumatica, Intacct, and others provide formidable Cloud-based solutions, while Open Systems, SYSPRO, SAP, Oracle, Epicor, Infor, and others offer a variety of intriguing options. How can we select and implement the right system? This session is designed to present a series of questions and answers to help you determine the approach that works for you. Major benefits and drawbacks of each product are included.

Major Topics Covered

  • Overview of larger accounting products
  • Choosing the right product to maximize productivity
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each product

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between various accounting solutions
  • Identify key requirements of your accounting/ERP solution
  • List solutions that potentially fit your specific needs

2e. Microsoft Power BI: Power Reporting for Free

Microsoft's Power BI Desktop puts business intelligence in your hands! Offered as a free tool, Power BI allows you to create compelling reports in mere minutes. Participate in this session to embark upon a guided tour of linking data into Power BI, creating stunning and powerful visualizations, and building interactive reports, all with the free version of Power BI. Additionally, you will learn how you can extend these capabilities with a Power BI Pro subscription.

Major Topics Covered

  • Understanding the Power BI platform and family of services
  • Linking and importing data into Power BI
  • Creating visualizations in Power BI
  • How to integrate Excel into Power BI

Learning Objectives

  • Distinguish between various levels of Power BI
  • Differentiate between tiles, reports, and dashboards in Power BI
  • List the steps for creating a Power BI report
  • Identify options for sharing Power BI components with others

2f. Filtering the World: Spam, Virus and Malware Protection

Bad actors want inside your systems and want to steal your data. They can attack your systems directly or they can use your email inbox to facilitate their attacks. In this session, you will learn about various protection options for spam, viruses, and malware. Top tools and techniques will be discussed with multiple solutions discussed in each area.

Major Topics Covered

  • Explain the threat in each major area
  • Understand tools that offer varying levels of protection
  • Common errors to avoid

Learning Objectives

  • Identify threats requiring mitigation
  • Differentiate among various protection methods
  • List protection options that you can use
  • Utilize the knowledge to protect your systems
1:30 - 1:35 pm Change Break
1:35 - 2:25 pm
Concurrent Sessions

2g. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the hottest technology topics today. Yet few business professionals understand these technologies, their capabilities, their risks, and their potential impacts on business operations and processes, such as contract execution, recording and maintaining real estate ownership records, and supply chains. To learn more about these disruptive technologies - including potential effects on the accounting profession - make plans to participate in this fast-paced and highly informative session.

Major Topics Covered

  • How blockchain works
  • Transforming business processes with blockchain-based applications
  • Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and their potential role in the economy

Learning Objectives

  • Define blockchain and identify an example of blockchain technology currently in use
  • List examples of how blockchain uses encryption to make the resulting ledger tamper-resistant
  • Identify at least four possible uses for blockchain-based ledgers
  • Define cryptocurrency and list the major cryptocurrencies in use today
  • List examples of benefits and risks associated with using cryptocurrencies

2h. What to Ask Your Technology Provider

Managing Information Technology (IT) is difficult when team members, contractors, and others all sound alike. If you manage IT, wouldn't it be nice to know the questions that you should be asking? Join us in this session to learn the questions to ask your technology providers and to identify warning flags for suspicious responses. All aspects of IT are included, and the session materials can serve as a checklist for your discussions with your providers.

Major Topics Covered

  • Questions to be posed in each area of IT
  • Licensing, contracting, and other recurring tasks and documentation
  • Common errors to avoid

Learning Objectives

  • Identify questions to ask of your IT team
  • Differentiate IT approaches and responsibilities
  • List the options that you can use for IT

2i. Ransomware: Reducing Your Risks

Ransomware continues to plague individuals and businesses and represents one of today's biggest security threats. Yet few are taking the steps necessary to reduce the risk associated with ransomware, including the potential loss of data and the risk of an attack being considered a security breach. In this session, you will learn how you can implement an effective system of control to mitigate the risk that you will become yet another victim of ransomware.

Major Topics Covered

  • How ransomware works
  • Methods by which ransomware infects your computer
  • How to reduce your risks
  • You're a victim - what next?

Learning Objectives

  • Define ransomware and identify the risks it poses to you professionally and personally
  • List the top methods by which ransomware infects an individual computer or a network
  • Implement control methods to help reduce your risk of becoming another victim of ransomware
2:25 - 2:45 pm Break
2:45 - 4:25 pm

Tales of True Tech Crimes: Ripped From the Headlines

Security is a top concern for CPAs every year, yet many hacks result from organizations failing to implement effective information technology controls. In this session, you will learn about critical controls by using case studies from recent security incidents. This strategy helps you understand risks and appropriate responses. Participate in this session to learn how to reduce your risk associated with unauthorized access, theft of information, identity theft, data exfiltration, tax refund fraud, and more.

Major Topics Covered

  • Common security failures
  • The importance of user authentication
  • Security vulnerabilities embedded in hardware and software
  • Best practices to facilitating secure environments

Learning Objectives

  • List examples of major security incidents reported in the last two years and the related security weaknesses that allowed each breach to occur
  • Define the three methods used to authenticate a user to a system
  • Differentiate between the security in home-grade technology and business-grade technology
  • Identify three security best practices to help mitigate risk

Mac McClelland, MBA, JD

Mac gained his practical experience in information systems with NASA and as director of the Centre for Financial Studies at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, and has taught hundreds of CPE seminars to accountants and business managers in the United States and abroad.

Steven Phelan, CPA.CITP

Steven manages an accounting firm based in Oklahoma City where his areas of practice include taxation, accounting, business advisory, and technology consulting services. With K2 since 2013, Steven speaks to CPAs nationwide on a variety of computer software and technology related topics.

Brian Tankersley, CPA.CITP, CGMA

When he is not advising companies on technology issues, Brian publishes CPA Technology Blog (www.cpatechblog.com), a nationally recognized blog on accounting and technology, and has been recognized 7 times as one of the “Top 25 Thought Leaders in Public Accounting Technology.”

Steve Burns, FAIA

Steve has been helping businesses increase profits for well over a decade and brings both an analytical and creative approach to the task of improving firms’ financials. He earned his Master of Architecture from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and is a member of the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects. He created ArchiOffice and EngineerOffice—BQE’s products dedicated to the financial needs of the architecture and engineering industries—and today plays a major role in the direction of BQE’s award-winning comprehensive project accounting solution, Core.

Hilton New Orleans Riverside
2 Poydras Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Rate: $149
Group Code: LCP
Cut-off Date: April 24
Note: The hotel is low on inventory for the nights of the conference, so make your reservation early!

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