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CPA Evolution Model Curriculum

The role of today’s CPA has evolved. Newly licensed CPAs need deeper skill sets, more competencies and greater knowledge of emerging technologies. That’s why the CPA licensure model is changing. The CPA Evolution initiative, a joint project between the AICPA and NASBA, aims to transform the CPA licensure model to recognize the rapidly changing skills and competencies the practice of accounting requires today and will require in the future. Aspiring CPAs who are college freshmen today will be among the first to take the updated version of the Uniform CPA Examination when it launches in 2024.

We've compiled some resources to assist educators as well as to inform current CPAs and employers of changes in the exam to better prepare future CPAs for the work world.

CPA Evolution Model Curriculum Webcast with AICPA & NASBA

Get information straight from NASBA and AICPA representatives as they cover the new licensure model, how it will impact the CPA Exam, the CPA Evolution Model Curriculum for accounting programs, and other resources available to accounting faculty.

WATCH NOW (53 minutes)


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