Peer Review Reviewer Information
If you have any questions regarding peer review, please contact
Stacey Lockwood
Director of
Professional Oversight
800.288.5272 • 504.904.1136
DIRECT FAX: 985.764.4345

All peer reviewers must have access to PRISM to complete electronic submission of MFCs. In addition, resumes must be updated at least annually through PRISM. In addition, all resumes will be verified at least every three years pursuant to guidance in the AICPA Oversight Handbook. The objective of oversight is to ensure compliance with the Standards and consistency in implementation. Verification will include specific information about the number and type of engagements performed as well as the level of involvement in those engagements.

- Peer Review Alerts
- Peer Review Standards Interpretations and Guidance
- Peer Review Manual
- Team and Review Captain Checklists
- Reviewer Requirements Effective May 1, 2016

To learn more about the AICPA Member Self-Service initiative and to download instructions, visit the For Peer Reviewers section.

Common Reviewer Deficiencies

  • Listed below are deficiencies commonly committed by reviewers:
  • Improper documentation or failure to recognize repeat findings
  • Improper identification of deficiencies
  • Workpapers not submitted within 30 days of exit conference
  • Improper completion of MFCs
  • Failure to address the type of report to be issued with the firm prior to the exit conference.
  • Use of outdated program material and checklists
  • Improper completion of checklists, including the SRM, MFCs and FFCs
  • Documentation deficiencies improperly identified
  • Substandard engagements and deficiencies that are not identified in workpapers
  • Risk assessment incomplete or ineffective
  • FFCs that do not properly address or identify the systemic cause

Documents Required by LCPA for All Engagements Reviews

  • Report
  • Letter of Response (for pass w/deficiency or fail report)
  • Firm’s Representation Letter
  • Documentation of license for the peer review year and through the current year for each practitioner in charge of each engagement submitted
  • Documentation of firm permit for the peer review year and through the current year each engagement submitted
  • Engagement Summary Form (Appendix A)
  • Engagement Questionnaire for Each Selected Engagement (Appendix B)
  • Review Captain Summary
  • Engagement Checklist, including supplemental checklists where applicable, for Each Engagement Selected for Review
  • Matter for Further Consideration Forms (MFCs) when applicable – submitted electronically via PRISM
  • Disposition of MFCs when applicable – submitted electronically via PRISM
  • Findings for Further Consideration Forms (FFCs) when applicable