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Come to LCPA’s Kenner Training Center for the classroom presentations, a boxed lunch, and networking. Or participate in the live webinars from your location and bring your own lunch. It’s your choice!

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Date Topic/Speaker Category
Sep 20 Going Paperless: Efficient, Productive, Economical
Richard Melancon, CPA
Owner – Richard A. Melancon, APAC • Metairie, LA

There's never been a better time to "Go Paperless" in your accounting practice. The hardware is ready, the software is here, and staff are ready to use modern tools. This program will present an approach to eliminating paper documents from your long-term storage files with the goal of reducing operating costs and enhancing productivity. It is based on real-world experience, the school of "Hard Knocks," and a whole set of solutions to sidestep potential landmines.

Oct 18 Generational Communication: Get What You Want From That ‘Other Group’
Karen P. Johnson, CPA, CGMA, MBA
President – FocalPoint Coaching • Benton, LA

In this insightful session we will explore the characteristics of Millennials and Baby Boomers. Karen Johnson will look at how they are similar and how they differ, along with the expectations each group has for the other. The goal of the session will be for members of each generational group to gain at least one "tidbit” that will help them to communicate more effectively with members of the other group.

Nov 15 Key Financial Measurements for Evaluating Your Company’s Performance
Christina Chifici, CPA, CIT, CCIFP • Director, Audit & Assurance Services
Daniel Williams, CPA, CCIFP • Director, Audit & Assurance Services
LaPorte CPAs and Business Advisors • Metairie, LA

Evaluating current and historical performance of your company is a crucial step in developing goals for the future. This session will focus on key elements in a comprehensive approach for measuring your company’s performance. This includes financial ratios, which are excellent tools in financial analysis. Another is trending analysis, which tracks the financial ratios and financial indicators over time and as your company continues to develop. Lastly, this session will discuss the importance of benchmarking, which is the process of comparing and measuring performance against other organizations to gain information that will help your Company take action to improve its operations.

Dec 20 Succession Planning for Small and Unique Businesses Management
Benjamin Vance, CPA/ABV
Postlethwaite & Netterville, APAC • Baton Rouge, LA

Succession planning is a challenge for any business. Small business owners in particular face several distinctive challenges impacted by geography, pool of talent and buyers, and uniqueness of the business (among others). This session will help small business owners understand succession planning tailored to small businesses and help answer the following questions: Can the business succeed without me? Who are likely buyers (assuming an exit)? When is the right time to sell? What is my business worth (with me and without me)? What are my retirement needs? What will I do next? How can I find successors and supporting talent in rural markets or unique industries? How early do I need to start the process?