Committees: 2017-18 Legislation Committee

Committee Structure & Function

Committee membership shall consist of the following (a) the LCPA Executive Committee, (b) AICPA Key Person Coordinator (c) Chair, (c) chairs of task forces designated by the committee, (e) Chair of the State and Local Tax Committee, and (f) the Society CEO/Executive Director and lobbyist shall serve as ex-officio members.

Continuity should be an important consideration in the selection of members to serve on the legislation committee.

No member of this committee shall be a member of the State Board of Certified Public Accountants in Louisiana.

The objectives of the Legislation Committee are:

  1. To maintain a sound accountancy law in Louisiana and to successfully oppose any weakening in the licensing and regulatory laws which would adversely affect the public interest or the professional status of the CPA, or in any way permit unqualified persons to practice accountancy.
  2. To promote or oppose, with the Board of Directors approval, any legislation at either the federal or state level that would have an impact upon the profession of accountancy. This activity shall be carried out by the Steering Task Force when the legislature is in session.
  3. To encourage and assist the Louisiana CPA Political Action Committee (LA-CPA-PAC).
  4. To encourage members to participate in the political process as a candidate or to serve in the capacity of Campaign Treasurer, Financial Committee member, etc.
  5. To develop an annual legislative package for consideration by the state legislature.
  6. To create or delete task forces as needed.
Staff Liaison
Linda H. Babin, Society of Louisiana CPAs
Staff Liaison
Ronald A. Gitz II, Society of Louisiana CPAs