Committees: 2017-18 Louisiana Accounting & Auditing Conference

Committee Structure & Function

The Chair will be appointed by the LCPA Chair-Elect.

Committee Objective

To present a technical conference of high quality on accounting and auditing, with special emphasis directed to the practical side of the accounting and auditing practice and to the problems encountered in the day to day practice of Society members.

The procedures of the Louisiana Accounting and Auditing Committee are:

1. General Chair to appoint chairs of the following subcommittees:

a. Program

b. Meetings/Arrangements

c. Publicity, Promotion and Printing

d. Budget, Finance and Special Services

e. Exhibits

f. Hospitality

g. Registration

2. Schedule an organizational meeting to determine dates for the conference, discuss the registration fee, establish goals, procedures, and responsibilities for a successful conference.

3. Maintain, update and furnish to succeeding committee detailed manual or an organizational file on administration and operations of the conference.

4. Have prior approval by the CPE Committee of program contents. Submit a complete report to the CPE Committee as soon as possible following the conclusion of the conference.

Anne M. Oestriecher, Oestriecher Financial Management Services
Staff Liaison
Lisa Richardson, Society of Louisiana CPAs