Committees: 2017-18 Government Accounting & Auditing

Committee Structure & Function

The chair shall be a member of the Legislation Committee.

The committee shall be divided into four subcommittees where a member may be appointed to the general committee plus one or more subcommittees. Members on the subcommittee need not sit on the general committee, if designated by the chairman. The subcommittees will be: Publications,  Technical, Continuing Professional Education - Conference, and Governmental Legislation.

The objectives of the Government Accounting & Auditing Committee are:

  • Audit Guide: To maintain and update the Louisiana Governmental Audit Guide as needed on a continuing basis.
  • Laws Digest: To update on an annual basis the summary of "Laws Affecting Louisiana Government including an appendix of Attorney General Opinions.”
  • Public Relations:

a) Be aware at all times of public relations opportunities.

b) Inform the Communications & Public Relations (CPR) Committee of such opportunities and seek the help and the assistance of the CPR Committee and LCPA staff in implementing the particular committee’s functions.

c) Prepare written responses to GASB pronouncements and notify the membership through Lagniappe.

  • CPE Advisory:

a) Plan and organize the annual Government Accounting & Auditing Conference.

b) Cooperate with the CPE Committee in its development of training programs involving governmental accounting and auditing and make recommendations when courses should be added to the Society CPE schedule.

  • General Committee:

    a) To promote legislation designed to improve state budgeting, accounting and auditing practices.

    b) To improve standards of governmental reporting and compliance with those standards.

    c) To provide articles to the Society newsletter when appropriate to update the membership on the Committee’s role.

    • Federal Regulation:

      a) To monitor regulations issued by various government agencies related to audit requirements and notify and educate the members of change.

      b) To establish and maintain a cooperative relationship with the various state and local governmental agencies which are required to prepare reports of their financial activities.

      Sandra G. Whitehead, Louisiana Legislative Auditor
      Staff Liaison
      Lisa Richardson, Society of Louisiana CPAs